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US Biopsy Products




Chiba Style Needle

Franseen Style


Core, Magnum and Promex


Fine Needle Aspiration Sets
Ultra sharp tipPenetrates Dense Tissue
Four Popular needle tips availableApplication choices
Etched Depth MarksProvides position conformation
ISO Color codedProvides easy identification

US Biopsy's Needle Aspiration Sets are fine gauge, two-part style design to sample cells, fluid or very small tissue specimens. The needle may be placed within a suspicious lesion using a variety of imaging technology such as Ultrasound, CT and Fluoroscopy. US Biopsy offers FNAs in four popular needle tips and in several gauges and lengths. Please consult product labeling for indications, warnings and directions for use.



Breast localization needle


Breast Lesion/Localization Needles
Strength and Flexibility
BLNS Stiffened Wire
BLN Standard Wire
Ultra sharp tipPenetrates Dense Tissue
Echogenic tip Visibility under different modality
Strong and flexible wire hook Secures wire in place
Etched depth marks Conformation of position

The Breast Lesion Localization Needles are a Kopans-style, fine gauge, guide wire design. Designed to pinpoint suspicious lesions within breast tissue to be biopsied, the needle may be placed using a variety of imaging technology, such as ultrasound, CT, Fluoroscopy or MRI. Please consult product labeling for indications, warnings and directions for use.




Single Action Biopsy Device








Disposable Semi-Automated Core Biopsy Devices
SABD™ Semi Automated Biopsy Device
When Precision Matters, hit your target.
Full speciman notch exposureProvides full sampling
Tru-Track Trocar tip Avoids the bevel dive
Echogenic tip Enhances visibility under CT
Etched depth marks Provides position confirmation
ISO color coded Provides easy identification
Light weight ergonomic design Provides comfort, ease of use
Bevel tip option Provides choices of sampling

US Biopsy's SABD™ devices are designed to provide a lightweight, easy-to-use - yet powerful and highly accurate- core biopsy solution. Fully disposable, the SABD™ device is the ideal choice when precision matters the inner stylet, and therefore the sampling notch, stays in position. During firing, our Tru-Track™ trocar tips avoid the bevel dive. Use the SABD™ device when the bulk and weight of a fully automated device may interfere with placement of the needle. The fully exposed sample notch ensures the best possible specimen in virtually any soft tissue, as well as easy specimen removal when used for multiple biopsies at the same site. Please consult product labeling for indications, warning and directions for use.
SABD™ Coaxial Kits
Our SABD™ units also are available in Coaxial Kits. A precise match between the SABD™ device and the Introducer allows exact placement of the tip and sample notch of the needle into the lesion. All Introducers are equipped with a threaded luer cap to ensure the stylet does not backup as it enters dense tissue.



Automated Core Biopsy System



MBD™ -When power and
performance trump style.

Features & Benefits
Uses dual action CBN™ core biopsy needles
Proper length for versatile handling
High speed precision core cut
Has a penetration depth of 23mm
Economical, Powerful and Reliable

This powerful and reliable, yet economical biopsy solution is all business. Their MBD-23 biopsy device is compatible with their CBN™ Core Biopsy Needles. The device is a precise match between the CBN™ needle and Introducer and allows exact placement of the tip and sample notch of the needle into the lesion. The MBD-23 device employs a two-stage mechanism so that the needle does not need to be removed to obtain tissue sample. The MBD-23 is made of stainless steel, aluminum and engineered resin and can be sterilized by multiple methods. Please consult product labeling for indications, warnings and directions for use.

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