Norland Apollo DXA Bone Density Machine

Unparalleled Clinical Scan Performance with Superior Precision and Accuracy

Norland Medical Systems delivers advanced technology in peripheral DXA bone densitometry with precise, accurate, cost-effective point-of-care scanning.

Advanced Technology in Point-of-Care Testing

The Norland Medical Systems APOLLOTM DXA Bone Densitometry System delivers today's physician a revolutionary tool in precise, accurate bone density testing to aid in the diagnosis of osteoporosis. APOLLO utilizes advanced peripheral DXA (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) technology, assessing metabolically active, weight-bearing trabecular bone in the os calcis (heel). The os calcis has been shown to correlate well to the hip and spine. No other scanning method is as widely recognized as DXA for clinical precision and accuracy in bone mass measurement. No other technology has been as thoroughly tested over time to assess changes in bone density and monitor the efficacy of ongoing therapy.

Precise, Accurate Bone Density Measurements in Just Seconds

With a scan time of just 15 seconds, the APOLLO provides a quick, quality BMD measurement, with T-score displayed instantly from an easy-to-use hand held control console or optional laptop computer for more enhanced patient management. Precision of BMD scanning with the APOLLO system is typically 1.8% or better, and accuracy is 2% or better, which compares to the precision and accuracy of much larger and more expensive table model bone densitometers.

Fracture Risk Assessment

Pioneered exclusively by Norland to simplify the relationship between patient T-score and the risk of an osteoporotic fracture as a result of reduced bone mass, the APOLLO allows the physician to take advantage of streamlined reporting of BMD measurements, identifying patients at either low, medium, or high risk of a potentially fatal fracture. The exclusive APOLLO fracture risk assessment feature provides a detailed report with an easy-to-read graph enabling both the physician and patient to address intervention and therapy more rapidly, in hopes of preventing further bone loss long before a fracture is likely to occur. Apollo BMD assessments can help predict fracture risk in the same way cholesterol predicts the risk of heart disease or blood pressure predicts the risk of a stroke.

 Lightweight, Portable, and Simple to Operate

APOLLO can deliver routine scanning on or off-site, from any office or clinical locale, with relative ease. Unlike devices which utilize a water bath, the APOLLO is effectively dry, allowing the patient to be scanned without removing cotton socks or panty hose, providing the greatest degree of patient comfort and acceptance.

 Lowest Radiation

Patient exposure to x-ray radiation with the APOLLO is less than 0.2 mRem, which is not only the lowest of any competing x-ray bone density device, but by comparison, is less than the radiation exposure received during an average day outdoors for most patients, and is limited to the heel area only.

Service and Support

The Norland APOLLO system comes with a complete, one year parts and labor warranty from the date of installation (factory/depot repair only). An extended warranty and/or service contract is also available.

In order to help each physician build a successful practice using the APOLLO system, Norland Medical Systems has also created a dynamic Marketing Assistance Program which includes a wealth of practice marketing materials such as referral letters, medical documentation, ad slicks, brochures, press releases, photography, and much more.

Affordable and Cost-Effective

Because BMD measurements are considered essential to the effective diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis, and because peripheral bone density testing has years of demonstrated, proven results in BMD precision and accuracy, most private insurance carriers and Medicare provide reimbursement. Financing is available. And with the speed, precision, mobility, and affordability of the APOLLO system, there has never been a better time to make every private practice a "bone health" practice.