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Wilburn Medical USA has proudly distributed syringe pumps in several markets including, but certainly not limited to anesthesia, nuclear cardiology, and veterinary medicine. No matter your infusion application, Wilburn Medical USA has the syringe pump that will suit your needs. Not only do we proudly distribute Baxter, Bard, Smiths Medical/Medfusion, and the Graseby, but we also are excited to feature our Aitecs line of syringe pumps, which are so versatile they can be integrated easily into any lab or office! We have included several customer testimonials that there may be no doubt of the efficacy, efficiency, and usability of the Aitecs line of syringe pumps. The Aitecs line includes basic 10 S Plus our ml/hour device for the simplest infusions through our 12 S AUTO that features custom protocol programming, the ability to increase or decrease the infusion rates as a part of the protocol, and the ability to deliver medication in mass units (ug-mg/kg/min-hr). The 12 S AUTO is the only FDA approved pump with this capability. The Aitecs line of syringe pumps also includes the 21 S Dual Channel syringe pump. The 21 S has two separate and independent infusion channels making it “2 pumps in one”. The 21 S is available in the standard and AUTO configurations and is incredibly useful where space is limited. All pumps are provided with a one year parts and labor warranty and extended warranty contracts are available.

Click here to view the Aitecs 12S PRO tutorial

Click here to view the Aitecs 12S AUTO tutorial

No matter what your application, Wilburn Medical USA has the syringe pump you need, at a price you just won't believe!

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Typical IV Drugs Infused with the 3400:
  • Adenosine (Adenoscan)
  • Dobutamine
  • Dipyridamole (Persantine)
  • Bexxar
  • Zevalin
  • Cholecystokinan (Kinevac).and a host of other drugs.
The 3400 has the following advantages over
fixed dual rate infusers:
  • Eliminates voluminization and mixing of adenosine
  • Eliminates chance of battery failure during IV procedures
  • Enables user to titrate to virtually any delivery rate
  • Enhances patient safety and accuracy
  • Mass units selection
  • Polemount / table top mountable
  • Bolus prevention after occlusion


Features Include:

  • Wide infusion rate range: 0.1-1200 ml/hr
  • Multiple unit selection: ml/hr, ug/hr, mg/hr, ug/kg/hr, mg/kg/hr, ug/kg/mn, mg/kg/mn
  • Syringe size flexibility: 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50/60ml
  • Simple operation: Menu driven display
  • Cost effective: No dedicated disposables
  • AC or battery operated (internal rechargeable battery)
  • Accurate: +/- 2%
  • RS 232 Communications


The Graseby 3400:

The 3400 pump has wide appeal in the Nuclear Medicine/Nuclear Cardiology areas because of its wide range of features. It can infuse virtually any IV drug with a range from 0.1-1200ml/hr. It has multiple unit selection, syringe size flexibility, simple operation, is AC or battery operated and has an accuracy of +/-2%. This pump is currently being used in thousands of Nuclear Cardiology and Nuclear Medicine Departments throughout the United States.

The Graseby 3400 has an open communications protocol to allow the pump to be remotely controlled and / or monitored. This makes it ideal for use with pharmacokinetic model driven systems or by other types of equipment requiring controlled drug delivery.

Volume discounts are available.

New and refurbished models are available.
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  • FlowSentry: enhanced pressure trending for earlier clinical intervention
  • Extensive delivery mode combinations including ml/hr, body weight, mass, volume over time, custom dilution and intermittent, loading dose, bolus dose, standby, volume limit and KVO rate
  • Syringe sizes: accepts seven different manufactures syringe types, all manufacture’s syringe administration sets
  • +/- 2% instrument accuracy: automatic syringe size detection
  • Ergonomic, easy to use, horizontal design protects entire syringe barrel and allows single-handed loading
  • MRI indicated: for MRI rooms mounted outside the 150 Gauss line and with shielded magnets of field strength of 1.5 Tesla or less.
  • Mounts easily to an IV pole, an infant’s isolet or radiant warmer and rotation capabilities

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Medfusion 3500:

The Medfusion 3500 Syringe Pump is an intuitive system designed to enhance safety while maintaining simplicity. For more than 15 years, the Medfusion Syringe platform has been the technology leader in syringe pumps with its innovations in syringe recognition, drug libraries and dose limits. Support for up to 16 different care areas allows for transport of the Medfusion Syringe Pump into any department within the facility. As measured by the ISMP and other regulatory qualifications, the Medfusion Syringe Pump is truly a “smart” pump.

Volume discounts are available.

New and refurbished models are available.

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B. Braun Perfusor Space:

Designed with both adult and pediatric facilities in mind, the small, lightweight SPACE System allows for flexibility and easy transport within a number of care settings. At 9 inches by 6 inches and weighing only three pounds, the SPACE pumps can fit easily into a range of environments. The system is designed for higher acuity care facilities, offering a large drug library as well as the capability to build up to 24 pumps in a single bedside tower. Anesthesiologists also benefit from the compact size of the Perfusor® SPACE syringe pump in crowded operating room environments, where three pumps easily interlock on a pole clamp.

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