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HemoPoint H2





 Stanbio HemoPoint H2 Specifications Technical Data Sheet PDF

Rapid Hemoglobin and Hematocrit Results

Fast. Using a single drop of blood, the HemoPoint® H2 System offers accurate results for hemoglobin and estimated hematocrit level - in less than a minute. The easy-to-read touch-screen displays the current time, battery status and allows for easy operation.

Advanced. Utilizing proven microcuvette technology, the HemoPoint® H2 System features a proprietary "soft load" cuvette holder to minimize blood contamination of the meter. The hemoglobin result is flagged if it is outside the user-defined limits.

Easy to Use. The HemoPoint® H2 System's user-friendly sampling technique minimizes training time and its rechargeable battery makes it completely mobile. Recall the last 4,000 test results with the touch of a button.

Product Specifications

Methodology Optical absorption photometry
Principle Azidemethemoglobin
Calibration Factory calibrated
Sample Type Capillary, venous, or arterial blood
Sample Size 8 uL
Hematocrit Range 36-54% (calculated)
Measuring Range 0-25.6 g/dl
Within Run Precision CV 0.6-0.7%
Total Precision CV 1.2-1.5%
Measuring Time 10-60s

Hemopoint H2 User Manual


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